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Verdant Chautauqua

Working on this has been a meditation on the beauty of this place where I get to live. Throughout October this same scene was frequently covered in snow, but I was able to reflect on the lush, green meadow I had seen on July 4th. In these shorter days I am reminded that these same flowers and grasses have spread their seeds which now are beneath the snow and will emerge next spring and summer with a glorious display of color. Creating the details required intense concentration and a very fine brush, but I like the wild and disorderly tangle of plants that resulted from that effort.

I have put together a little slide show of the process of creating the meadow.

This meadow and Royal Arch will be part of the Louisville Art Association Fall Members Show in Louisville, Colorado at 801 Grant Street November 14 through November 17. All are invited to the reception and awards on Saturday, November 16 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

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