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Teaching Again

For the past couple of weeks I have been preparing lessons for a beginning watercolor class that can be tailored to students of a variety of ability levels. My first student continues to impress me with his enthusiasm for the medium of watercolor. He was actually excited about the "homework" I assigned.

We have been working on basic brush techniques and color mixing, so his homework was to hunt for a variety of colors and textures that could be placed in a small collage. Using the texture collage as a reference, he will try his best to imitate the colors and textures found in the collage. This can be a fun exercise, because it is based on images that are appealing to the artist. I'm looking forward to seeing his solution to this creative problem.

For me, personally, it is great to have the experience of passing on my own knowledge to an engaged student. To gradually see his understanding evidenced in his work is very fulfilling. I hope to take on more students in the Boulder area as I build my lessons. It is great to be teaching again.

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