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I finally finished my little painting. I'm titling it "Interconnectedness". It is only 8" square, but took around 46 hours because I was looking at a very complex scene on the forest floor (and I paint kind of slowly and I notice everything). Nature has scattered about the things that were once living for a season or a few years along with the geologic debris that has been here for thousands of years. While working on it I listened to a lot of music and a few podcasts. Sometimes I was in the mood to hear mellow acoustic music with few words, so I could concentrate better. At times I wanted to hear what Preet Bharara had to say for the week. Between the music and the podcast and the subject matter of the forest floor, I realized that the thing that brought it all together was the feeling that we are all interconnected. What is going on with one thing affects what is going on with another. We are all connected, and what happens to one will inevitably make some change in another. Change is constant. How we deal with it is up to us.

This painting is being framed and will be part of the Louisville Art Association Fall Member's Show, December 13 through 16, 2018. The show is at the Louisville Center for the Arts at 801 Grant Ave, Louisville, CO 80027. For more information about the show, check out the website.

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