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Give Me Your Forever

When a maid of honor was given the task of preserving the wedding bouquet for the bride to have as a keepsake last May, she considered lots of options. Then she got the idea to have it painted by me from a photograph. In this way the happy couple would have a piece of original art to remind them of their special day when they committed their lives to one another. As I worked on this I took photos of my progress at the end of a work session. Sometimes I only had time to do a little bit and other times I got more completed. I tried to work the overall painting to keep the color families consistent, but in the very detailed parts I had to slow down my process. Baby's breath looks like such a simple flower until you try to capture the subtleties of color and the hair-thin stems!

This painting is 14" tall by 11" wide and was custom framed at Michaels in Boulder. I shipped the framed painting to the happy couple in DC and was anxious to see how they liked it. After receiving it yesterday, the report is that "They love it!" Congratulations to Jess and Jeff for believing in love and committing their forever to one another. Thank you to Zack and Nina for giving me the opportunity to explore such beautiful subject matter.

I hope to do more wedding bouquets in the future and would like to offer this as an example of what is possible. I was given two photos of the bouquet from which to work and made very slight changes to the photograph. I held off on posting this piece of original art so the newlywed couple could see it first. Ben Harper's "Forever" seemed like a fitting song for the subject matter.

If you are interested in a custom piece of art, please email me at

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