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Freshly Picked

This past summer I had the pleasure of spending time with my brother and his partner in Southeast Alaska. One sunny morning, Martha came in with this wooden bowl of plump and juicy raspberries she had just picked from her garden. I just loved the arrangement of the berries in the bowl and the intense sunlight shining on them, so before having a single berry, I snapped a photo. I worked from the photo, months later, to complete this incredibly detailed watercolor to commemorate the beauty of this freshly picked fruit, grown with loving care.

The original piece is 11" x 14" and will be on display, and for sale, at the Louisville Art Association Winter Show, which runs from December 14-18 at the Louisville Center for the Arts at 802 Grant Avenue in Louisville, CO. I also have 11" x 14" prints available for $35.00 each. Email me for more information at

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